Monday, 7 May 2012

Oak leaves and the Prologue

This is the top layer that I cut, before painting. The words come from Ivor Brown's 'Prologue' which was spoken at the reopening night, by Dame Edith Evans. Then I've put a layer underneath it which is cut and painted, and also includes printed words which come from 'The Midnight Hour'.

 It was tremendously fiddly doing this - I used these nice black entomological pins to fix the top layer; however they were too long for the box frame so I had to use wire cutters to nip off a centimetre or so; then I wanted to make sure they wouldn't slip so used hot glue to fix them into foamboard which was very tricky... v. difficult to get the glue to go where you want it !  Just hope it survives being transported to Richmond. Now I have the Epilogue and Gratitude to work on and then its on to the final piece which I'm hang in a window. It'll be nearly a three metre drop of hand cut paper. I've never tried anything so large so don't know how long it will take, or how difficult its going to be...nor how on earth I'm going to get it safely to the theatre. I guess I'll find out ! 

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  1. Sarah.......I've just had a look at your FlickR gallery and I had to write and say that your work is wonderful!! Kath