Thursday, 7 June 2012

Installation - complete !

I am so relieved that my large piece made it unscathed ! It's lovely to see it up as I haven't had the opportunity...just didn't have the room to hang it up in my studio. Am mightily relieved that none of the words are upside down or back to front as well.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Getting Ready....

Busy packing up today; not just all the exhibition work but also lots of equipment/materials for the Artist's Book workshop I'm running on Friday. Fully booked I'm afraid - but I'll be in the theatre on Saturday (9th June) so do pop in and say hello; I've printed some leaflets to accompany the exhibition as well as some postcards which will be on sale - although I'll give a free postcard to anybody visiting the exhibition while I'm there !

Sigh of relief too when I tried to fit my large piece in the car - just big enough !

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Exhibition - and Demonstration

Having finished all the large pieces now, I've produced a limited edition piece based on my commissioned work. Its called 'Of Moths and Memory' and will be available for sale in the Theatre at £75, as well as directly from me so do get in touch if you'd like to order one. It's got a hand-stencilled background and is approximately 25cm square.  It's limited to ten only I'm afraid ! 
Nearly time for my trip to Richmond and installing the work. I'm running a workshop at the theatre on Friday 8th June; I'm afraid its already booked up but I will be in the theatre doing some hand cutting on Saturday 9th June so please do drop in and say hello !

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Finished !

Well the large window piece is now finished -  hooray !  It took about three weeks of cutting but its done; now I've just got the worry of installing it without it tearing....

Unfortunately I don't really have the space to hang this up and photograph it properly - and I don't want to risk it getting damaged before it even arrives at the theatre. I was extra glad that I'd finished it and rolled it all up as shortly afterwards I had a visitor ...
...who did make a bit of a mess before finding a handy skylight to escape through.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ouch !

Eyestrain, backache, hot elbows (?!) Some of the side effects of attempting to hand cut a very large piece of paper !  I'm doing the last piece of my commission now, which is (hopefully) going to hang in a window in the bar area of the Theatre.

Its about a metre and a half wide, and intended to be 2.6metres long. That's if I get there..... I have to say I hadn't bargained for how difficult it was going to be to reach into the middle. Not to mention the fact that I've had to take up all my Mum's studio space to fit this in ... then there's the difficulty of transporting it.  Still, I wanted a challenge ! It's a piece that brings all the work together, incorporating words from the first plays, the poems at the re-opening, the names of some of the actors, the leaves from my pieces based on the woodland scenery; the different typefaces that came from the theatre posters and the moths that came to symbolise memories for me.

Monday, 14 May 2012

NYOS 12 - Artist's Commissions

So many things going on for NYOS 2012 ! Why not visit some of the other artist's commissions when you plan your route ...

The programme for NYOS 12 involves several artist commissions,  highlighting contemporary artists’ responses to some of North Yorkshire’s most intriguing historic collections, buildings and outdoor spaces. Further information:

ETCHED IN TIME: Rebecca Gouldson
Dales Countryside Museum, Hawes From 9 June 

Artist Metalsmith Rebecca Gouldson responds to the tinsmithing workshop and the collection of hand-knitting tools at the Dales countryside museum to create two separate installations. The tinsmithing workshop will feature acid-etched sculptural forms in metal, created using the shapes of actual tinsmithing templates found in the museum collection. The hand- knitting collection will comprise a washing line of metal sock stretchers embellished with images and text relating to the stories of hand -knitters of the Dales, acid- etched into the surface.

Rebecca will be at the museum on Sat 16 June showing some of her techniques and will also be running a mono-printing workshop.

SUPERNOVA: Linda Schwab
Royal Pump Room Museum, Harrogate 9 -17 June
Artist Linda Schwab uses hundreds of vintage chandelier drops to create a dramatic installation with a spa theme for the circular 1842 Room.
Helmsley Walled Garden, Cleveland Way, Helmsley From 9 June onwards 

Animation Artist and Illustrator Sara Tunstall is creating a motion graphics sequence and a series of framed illustrations, combining reportage illustration with the textures and colours of Helmsley Walled Garden.  The garden is a magical place, an idea echoed by the people who work there and by elements of the garden itself. Sarah's work reflects this theme, exploring the heritage of the garden and the wide variety of plants and ‘beasts’ that inhabit it.


Hackfall Wood, Grewelthorpe From 9 Jun onwards 

A series of geo art caches that take the seeker on a journey through Hackfall Wood with each cache illustrating a story of one of the many creatures that live there and leaving the visitor with a book of impressions from their day. Printmaker Hester Cox has created a series of hidden caches that form a trail around Hackfall Wood. Each hidden container holds a rubber stamp featuring original designs of local wildlife. Combining an outdoor treasure hunt with digital media and book art, by the end of the seeker’s walk they will have created their own printed book and have an insight into the rich natural history of Hackfall.

For more information, visit

Morwenna Catt & Helen Turner
Two events at secret locations: Scarborough: Sat 9 June, 4pm Malhamdale, near Skipton: Sat 16 June 4pm.
Artists Helen Turner and Morwenna Catt have each been commissioned to create installations for themed tea party events in unusual venues. The perfect way to finish a day touring the Open Studios.

Ooh I'm looking forward to seeing some of these !  I will be at the Georgian Theatre with my own work on Saturday 9th June, so please do drop in for a chat !

Monday, 7 May 2012

Oak leaves and the Prologue

This is the top layer that I cut, before painting. The words come from Ivor Brown's 'Prologue' which was spoken at the reopening night, by Dame Edith Evans. Then I've put a layer underneath it which is cut and painted, and also includes printed words which come from 'The Midnight Hour'.

 It was tremendously fiddly doing this - I used these nice black entomological pins to fix the top layer; however they were too long for the box frame so I had to use wire cutters to nip off a centimetre or so; then I wanted to make sure they wouldn't slip so used hot glue to fix them into foamboard which was very tricky... v. difficult to get the glue to go where you want it !  Just hope it survives being transported to Richmond. Now I have the Epilogue and Gratitude to work on and then its on to the final piece which I'm hang in a window. It'll be nearly a three metre drop of hand cut paper. I've never tried anything so large so don't know how long it will take, or how difficult its going to be...nor how on earth I'm going to get it safely to the theatre. I guess I'll find out !